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TUFNOL fabric laminates

TUFNOL phenolic cotton laminated plastics are the workhorse grades for general mechanical applications. They are strong and tough materials with very good wear resistance, and they are easy to machine into finished components. Different grades have cotton fabric reinforcements ranging from fine weave to coarse, with varying resin contents. In general, the medium and coarse weave grades are used for larger and more rugged components requiring good all round strength and toughness. The finer weave grades are chosen for their superior finish, higher dimensional stability and improved strength in thin sections. Electrical insulation properties also tend to be superior in the finer weave grades, but the TUFNOL range includes a medium fabric weave with enhanced electrical properties, suitable for electro-mechanical applications. The two most versatile and widely used TUFNOL cotton fabric grades are Carp Brand and Whale Brand.

TUFNOL phenolic paper laminates for electrical insulation

Phenolic paper laminated plastics are strong, rigid and very economical. They have good electrical insulating properties and are used in a wide range of electrical installations in equipment where rigid electrical insulation is required. The higher specification grades are chosen for higher voltage and for greater electrical stability in conditions of varying humidity. The lower cost grades are often used for insulation components with low power voltages and below. The impact strength of phenolic paper grades is not as high as materials in other groups and they are not usually chosen where toughness, bearing properties or high stress carrying capabilities are required. However, the lowest cost grade in this group Grade 1P/13 represents excellent value as rigid non-metallic materials and is used in a very wide range of less demanding applications.

TUFNOL high performance glass fabric laminates

This group includes glass fabric reinforced laminated plastics with wide-ranging properties, mostly determined by the types of resin used to bond the laminations. These materials are generally characterised by very high strength properties, good temperature resistance and good dimensional stability. The TUFNOL range includes grades with exceptional temperature resistance, first class dielectric properties, good resistance to tracking, assessed flammability and superb structural strength and toughness. Epoxy glass materials are used in a very wide range of technically demanding applications. Other glass laminates tend to be used for more specialised purposes, or where higher temperature capabilities are required.

TUFNOL laminates for bearings

TUFNOL bearing materials are widely used where tough, wear-resistant components are needed. They give good service under a very wide range of operating conditions, including continuous temperatures from cryogenic levels to well over 100C and in a wide variety of situations where resistance to corrosion is needed. Our range includes a well-known cotton fabric phenolic bearing grade for lubricated applications, plus two specially developed types with friction-modifying additives. One potentially useful feature of TUFNOL materials is their ability to be lubricated with water, or with a water-based process fluid. In many applications, this can allow the design to be simplified by eliminating the need for a sealed bearing with oil or grease inside. Although TUFNOL laminates are used dry in a great many less demanding wear applications, TUFNOL bearing materials are not generally self-lubricating and it usually is preferable to use a lubricant to develop their full bearing potential. CBM grades are designed to give good performance with minimal lubrication. However, properly designed and lubricated, TUFNOL bearings give excellent service for many years and are frequently a cost-effective choice.

Tufnol Composites Ltd

provides a comprehensive range of thermoplastics materials for engineering purposes, including Polyacetal, Acrylic, Nylons, PEEK, PETP, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, TUFSET Polyurethane, PTFE, PVC and PVDF. If you buy engineering plastics in standard forms, we can offer you a first class service, including applications advice, guidance on material selection, prototype and finished machined components and a competitive price and delivery.

TUFNOL Pultruded Composite Profiles

Tufnol pultruded profiles are made from glass fibre, aramid or carbon fibres, reinforced with tough, strong resins to provide a range of composite profiles with mechanical, physical and electrical properties suitable for many different applications.

Other Products from TUFNOL

In addition to the resin bonded cotton fabric, paper based and glass fabric laminates, pultruded composite profiles, and thermoplastics listed elsewhere on this website, Tufnol Composites Ltd offers a range of other non-metallic materials for engineering uses.

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