TUFNOL CBM 2008 Standard Sizes

TUFNOL CBM 2008 Composite Bearing Material

Thickness:     1.0 to 50mm (0.040 o 2 inches)
Sheet sizes:   1220 x 975mm approximately
(For larger sheets, or guaranteed minimum sheet sizes, contact Tufnol Composites Ltd.)

Inside diameter:   9.5 to 610mm (3/8 to 24 inches)
Wall thickness:    1.6 to 63mm (1/16 to 2.1/2 inches)
   (maximum wall thickness = 20% of inside diameter)
Standard length:  975mm approximately.
(For longer lengths, contact Tufnol Composites Ltd.)

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A full machining service is available from Tufnol Composites Ltd for this and many other engineering plastics and composites.


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