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Tufnol in China



China’s economy is the world’s second largest economy by GDP and the world’s fastest growing major economy.  We are a trusted supplier to many growing industries in China, particularly those of Construction and Aerospace.



In China, Tufnol laminates are highly valued in the construction industry for their insulating properties, their mechanical strength, creep resistance and longevity in an outdoor environment.



Tufnol components are highly regarded in the rapidly expanding Chinese aerospace industry due to their unique combination of properties including strength, light weight, and dimensional stability. Our record of materials development keeps us in tune with the needs of today’s advanced engineering.



At Tufnol Composites, quality is our bond and an integral part of our culture.  Our quality systems are routinely subjected to scrutiny by a number of independent inspection authorities and major international companies who rigorously audit our ISO 9001 and AS9100 accreditations


Our Chinese customers

Our customers in China are confident in our experience and reliability, knowing that our export sales department can be relied upon to deal competently with all country-specific documentation to ensure that goods arrive promptly at their required destination.


Tufnol's global market

Since its early beginnings Tufnol has been exporting its versatile range of products around the world and today our business is truly international. Every day we are despatching consignments to customers from a wide range of industries in all corners of the globe.

China is very much a focus of our international trade and we are always looking to find new, exciting applications and opportunities for our products. Please see our Contact Page for ways of getting in touch with us ………